Artist and architecture graduate, dreaming of the water. This is my paradise.


How long have you been painting?
I have been painting for several years now… I started taking art lessons in 2006.

What inspired you to start painting?
I think I’d always been drawing when I was younger. I did art competitions at the local library and my mom would help me. I can clearly remember one drawing I did that featured all sorts of sea creatures and I titled it Commotion in the Ocean… anyway I’ve intrinsically been drawn to art and painting.

How many uses do you get out of paint brushes?
I have brushes that are probably almost a decade old. Just take care of your brushes and if they get too out of shape then discard them. But I think selecting a good quality brush and washing it with a brush cleaner is your best option. I recently tried out Daco Detail brushes and I love them.

What is your favorite painting to date?
My favorite painting is the one entitled “Forever is for Dreamers” - it’s a painting of a place I’d love to see in Tahiti.

How do you choose names for your pieces?
I usually find the titles in the songs I listen to. Otherwise, I have a list of titles on my phone that I just come across and collect, hoping they’ll belong to a future painting. I currently have “Last Days of Summer” and “Not Returning Calls Today” floating around.

How do you price your paintings?
This has been tough and I’m still figuring it out. It can be hard in the beginning and I think I continue to learn along the way. The size of the painting really determines a lot of the price. Then I look at the complexity of the piece. It’s usually those two factors...


Painting method?
I usually just figure it out as I go along. A lot of art is intuitive, I think. I start with selecting all the paints I will need for the painting, and exactly what colors. I draw out the painting, then I lay in the base layer of paint. After that I usually work top to bottom, left to right. Sky, clouds, mountains (or not), then water. It’s very systematic for me and I’m trying to see if I can be a bit less rigid.

What materials do you use?
I use wood panels as my “canvas” which I gesso & sand. Then I use Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics and Golden Acrylics. As well as a ton of different brushes, like Daco or Da Vinci. I also use an acrylic retarder to slow down the drying process.

Best mediums to use?
I personally love acrylics. I also enjoy gouache, watercolors. I want to get into oils.

How do the acrylic colors in your paintings look so bright and lively?
I think it’s the brands I previously mentioned because they are pretty good quality, also layers and layers of paint.


How to get perfect mountains?
I really don’t know what perfect is, but I think texture and faking it is the way. Also layering paint.

Have you tried painting a sunset?
I have done one before which I gave away as a gift. I’ll be doing a sunset series eventually, I’m sure.

Why beaches?
I think I feel best when I’m at the beach. So I keep painting it to remind me of that feeling, maybe.

What inspires you to paint oceans and mountains? Why don’t you try something else?
I love the water and I love being up in the clouds, on mountains. I paint what I love but it has to fit into this image of what I think I love, so it has to be somewhat moody, somewhat tropical. I have painted flowers before, still life, portraits. I just prefer landscapes but have plans to do some new stuff!

Are you going to try portraits in acrylic?
Actually, yes, I want to do a quick series of a few portraits featuring very tiny fish.


Youtube channel?
Coming soon!

Please make more videos?

Which camera do you use?
iPhone X.

How do you manage to make paintings while doing architecture?
I don’t know how I did it, had to decide at times between a social life / good projects / good paintings.


Something else you love other than the sea?
I love driving with the windows down, listening to my favorite song at that moment. I love watching movies that make me feel something and I love spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy going to concerts and experiencing music live.

How are you?
I think I’m good. I just wrapped up a collection of paintings and am planning my next trip so the sun is shining today.

What is your source of happiness?
My sources of happiness would have to be my family, specifically my mom & grandma… spending evenings with friends in the city or simply watching the sunset over water.

Three things you never wanna lose?
My sanity, my freedom, my creativity.

Do you have a personal account?
Yes, but it’s private. Lol.

Best beach you’ve ever been to?
I can’t just pick one so… Waimanalo Beach, Lanikai Beach, and Hanalei Beach.

What are your interests other than painting?
Watching movies and shows, swimming, reading sad novels, enjoying the city, finding distractions.

Where has been your favorite place to visit?
Hawaii, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. My favorites so far.